Water Medium - acrylic, watercolor, gouache

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Growing up I discovered watercolor, acrylic and gouache paint.   I was however, banned from using oil paints as they were deemed too messy.  I was not messy!  I just liked to experiment but did not fully respect the long drying process of oil paints.  As an impatient artist with so much to learn I would try every medium I could get my hands on.  I still learn from experimenting and like to see if the techniques I discover will transfer from one medium to the next.  I love to work with watercolors and gouache paints, enjoying their fluidity and transparent colors.  I primarily use them to work out compositions for my oil pastel or acrylic paintings.

I'm passionate about working on large canvases painted with acrylics.  They bring such energy into the world.  It’s so rewarding to see how they can transform a space, inbibing a certain vibe depending on the subject mater and colors.  I stretch and prime my own canvases, using dark earth toned primers as a base and keeping the surface’s fairly rough.  I layer vibrant colors over the earth colored surface, though never completely covering it.  I scrub the paint onto the canvas using a dry brush technique so the paint beads up on the rough canvas to create a sandy texture. Later layers are worked with a more fluid technique. Composition is important to my work but more so is the interplay of color.  Color is energy to me, which can impart feelings of joy and excitement.  I want my work to attract a viewer and pull them into the experience of the painting.  Its rewarding when I see someone spending time with my art, especially when they look at my work close up enjoying the colors, and then step back to view the over all composition.  When they stay for more than five minutes I know the work is successful.  When the viewers leave with huge smiles on their faces,  I know they've experienced the joy and wonder that art brings to the world, and that’s where I find my job satisfaction